Policy Holiday

Policy Holiday
Photo by Kenny Eliason / Unsplash

Hello Wonderful Reader!

Like so many of us right now, I'm a bit under the weather. And I love that Lily Tomlin line, "For fast acting relief, try slowing down."

So I'm taking a policy holiday this week, but wanted to send you off into 2024 with a few joys I've loved this year:

This is Happiness by Niall Williams. A dear friend recommended this book set in the Irish countryside and I felt like my life moved at a gentler, more awe-inspired pace as I read it. One favorite line:

"You could stop at not all but most of the moments of your life, stop for one heartbeat, and no matter what the state of your head or heart, say This is happiness, because the simple truth is that you were alive to say it."

Just about anything by poet/essayist/gardener Ross Gay. Years ago, I remember Bono from the band U2 talking about how hard it was to write an authentic album about joy. And here comes Ross Gay, devoting much of his writing and thinking to joy, delight, appreciation in such a big-spirited, heart-expanding way. You can't go wrong with The Book of Delights as a jumping off point.

Katherine Hepburn's Favorite Brownies. The kitchen is not my natural habitat, but I love showing up at a friend's door with something I've made. This easy-peasey recipe takes little time or genius. I add in chocolate chips because chocolate always goes well with chocolate; I trust Katherine would approve.

Wishing you a terrific end of this year and start of the next! As my Mum used to say, May there be many unexpected miracles ahead.

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